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The secret behind Margaret River’s success

Margaret River’s secret


Ok so it may not seem like much of a secret once you get down to the Margaret River region, which sits around 3 hours south of Perth. In and around Margaret River you you will find hundreds of premium vineyards set only minutes away from stunning beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters.

What you may not know is the reason why Dr. Tom Cullity became the first person to plant vines in the region less than fifty years ago, thousands of years after vines were first cultivated in Europe, and the reason that Margaret River is now regarded as one of the top wine growing regions in the World.


Location, location, location…

The Margaret River region stretches around 100 kilometres from north to south and is 27 kilometres wide at some points, bounded by ocean on three sides and the Leeuwin – Naturaliste Ridge on the other. Apart from this meaning that there are amazing views and scenery it also helps to dictate the rain, wind and temperature of the region.

With fresh clean air blown in from the vast Indian Ocean and seasonal climates that are said to be ideal for growing grapes to make wine, it is no wonder that Margaret River represents over 20% of the premium wine market in Australia despite only growing 3% of the wine grapes.

Once you add in top notch restaurants to the equation – (Idyllic beaches + Stunning Scenery + Premium Vineyards + Perfect Weather + Top Notch Restaurants = Amazing Times) – you start to see why Perth locals and tourists flock to Margaret River at all times of the year.


If you are visiting Perth and don’t have time to take an extended trip down to Margaret River, why not let Explore Tours Perth take you down to the region for a whole day of exploring on a Food & Wine Margaret River Day Tour from Perth.

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