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Each month we profile one of our brilliant Chief Explorers (Tour Guides), and this month is the turn of Chief Explorer Peter. We asked Chief Explorer Peter to tell us a little about himself:

“ I grew up in Northam WA, and have lived in numerous towns in Western Australia, and including Tasmania. I am married with four grown up children and with four grand children. I have worked as a Retail Manager for Westpac and have since been with Explore Tours Perth since 2015.

I love scuba diving, golf, and camping in my van. My favorite places to camp being the Esperance region and the Kimberley’s as I love open spaces and also love fishing there. I love going overseas to Europe and my favorite country is Austria. We plan to travel more in the future when possible.

My favorite Explore Tours Perth experiences would be firstly the Bickley Valley, as so many people aren’t aware of where it is and I love being the one to introduce them to it.  My second favourite tour would be the Margaret River area, and although it is a long day, there is so much to see in one day and sentimentally, it is where I used to holiday as a child.”


Margaret Rive


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