Our Chief Explorers (otherwise known as Tour Guides) are fully qualified, experienced and highly passionate about our beautiful state of Western Australia

Book your tour with Explore Tours Perth and feel confident that you will have the best experience possible and end up with a new friend.

Chief Explorers

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When I started Explore Tours Perth back in 2014, the main focus of the Company was to provide consistently high-quality experiences. I knew that one of the essential factors to making this possible was finding the right people to lead the tours.

These people needed to be proud and passionate about Perth and Western Australia, whilst having the personality and charisma to confidently share that passion with others. Having a sense of adventure and empathy for others, were also key traits that I knew would be required.

I soon realised that we needed more than just a tour guide, we needed something extra special, something that would make our customers remember our tours for a very long time.

So we created a new role – the Chief Explorer!

Today I am immensely proud of our team of Chief Explorers,who currently work for Explore Tours Perth. They make possible, the great experiences that we provide.

Adam Saunders

Managing Director and Chief Explorer


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